Shabbos shenanigans and the latest happenings in Har Nof

While I am missing out on my Dad’s 60th (sorry to out you on the blog Dad, but we all know you don’t look a day over 45) birthday celebration weekend at home, I have been getting back into the swing of things here in Israel. After being told that I went a little out of control with the credit card while in America, I have tried to be a bit more frugal (new word in my vocabulary) since I’ve been back. I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I actually live here, and it probably isn’t the best idea to spend my entire life’s savings like I am on a week vaca in Puerta Vallarta. So while I still have yet to cook myself a meal, I am still managing to spend less money, which I think (and my Dad and Aunt will agree) is a positive thing. This weekend I went to a family in Ramot that has been a large part of my spiritual journey in Israel since I wenton Jewel in December 2011. It is always such a treat to go to them because I feel so comfortable there; it is like I am spending the weekend with family. On top of all that, on Friday nights there is a Carlebach minyan in their area, and it is my all-time favorite Kabbalat Shabbat service. It gives me goosebumps every time. I feel like I am at camp, but in Israel. What could be better?

When I came back from America, I decided that I really needed to get over the greasy hair, no Shabbos shower hump, so I had really been in the market for some good dry shampoo. I would like to venture to say that I may have found the best one out there. Now, it’s not a 2 for $9.99 Tresemme deal, but it is GREAT! It’s called DETOX Dry Shampoo from drybar. It really works and doesn’t leave white residue in your hair to show everyone that you needed it in the first place / you have scary grey hair coming in. In addition to all of this, it smells fabulous! Image

I would like to take this time to wishmy oldest friend a VERY happy 23rd (AHH!) birthday!IMG_0323

We’ve stuck together since first grade, and I hope for 97 more years! Wishing you the BEST day from all the way in Jerusalem! Also, A HUGE MAZAL TOV to everyone I know that has gotten married, engaged, or had any simcha in the past little while. BH, it seem that almost everywhere I look, there are simchas! It is amazing to be in Israel at such a happy time in people’s lives! Well, that’s really all from here. I guess without spending so much money, I am limited to sitting in school all day, which is great for my neshama, but does not make for such exciting stories. Hopefully with the start of basketball season quickly approaching, I will be able to attend games and will have something more exciting to report. PSA: my two fav Israeli basketball teams are 1. Hapoel Eilat #5 Christian Watford! Reppin’ IU all the way in the holy land! I can’t wait to see him play. 2. Maccabee Haifa because they were on my flight back to Israel and made me promise I’d be a fan! Anything for more team gear 🙂 Have a good week y’all! And GO HOOSIERS in their season opener tonight!!!! IMG_0394

I wish I could be there singing the fight song with Martha the Mop Lady! xoxo, Frum Girl

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