Tuesday afternoons finish early at sem, and when there aren’t “mandatory” extra-curriculars we have the afternoon to ourselves. So today on the agenda:
1. Go to Geula ( a very religious part of town with all your shopping needs)
2. Buy candy (I need some nosh for the rest of the week)
3. Buy a cookie (the man at Brooklyn Bake Shop knows me by face, name, and state…Louisville pride!)
4. Mosey to Ben Yehuda street/ Yafo for a Re-Bar (delicious smoothies that are better than Smoothie King, in my opinion)
5. Walk to the Kotel (I need a little “talk to Tatty time” with the Creator every so often)
6. Shlep back to Har Nof just in time to follow the start of the Pacers/Magic basketball game tonight…Go Oladipo! Cheering you on from Jerusalem!

There you have it; a Tuesday in the life of a sem girl. It’s a little different than getting in the car and going to Target, but if it means I get to be in the holiest city in the world, then it’s all fine by me. Have a good day! Xoxo, Frum Girl

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