Cave crawling

Today we had a tiyul (field trip) to an area about 40 minutes from Jerusalem called Beit Shemesh. A lot of historical things happened in these places, and I think it’s safe to say we made some history of our own today.
We started out by going to some ancient ruins from during the first Temple Period, where we got to go into a man-made pit that had clearly been there for a while. As some of you may know, I am no mountain climber, and with my ankle problems it can sometimes be a challenge just walking down steps. So in order to get into this cave-like pit, I had to climb down some uneven, scary ledges. Just as I’m about to descend, someone calls out to “watch out for the baby snake”. My first reaction: I’M OUTTA HERE. Momma don’t mess with snakes. But for some reason I was convinced to continue. It was creepy, but I’m glad I did it. I think the girls on the trip got a good laugh at me anyway.

Next we went to the site where David fought and defeated Goliath. This was pretty cool because our guide gave us the whole run down of the story while we were standing where it happened! That’s the magic of being in Israel; you get to re-live history!

After the classic, girls trip potty break, I proceeded to ask the bus driver if he wanted to eat one of my Oreos I had purchased at the gas station (I know, it always comes back to food). Anyway, my Hebrew is still a work in progress, but I said “Atah rotzah cookie”, making sure to say cookie in my best Hebrew accent. Clearly cookie is not the word for cookie in Hebrew. The driver did the classic, Israeli wag of the finger and laughed at me. Anyway, cookie in Hebrew is “oogiah”. There’s your ulpan class for the day (and mine)! In case you were wondering I got the rest of the sentence correct, including pronouns, so you can’t say I didn’t try! One day, with G-d’s help, I’ll be able to have a normal conversation in the holy language.
Then we went to these caves where Jews in exile hid for three years at some point. I was a wimp and didn’t make it in the crawling spaces, but I heard it was pretty legit. While I was waiting outside with a couple of others, I got a great picture of the sunset and also my favorite moon, the little sliver. Obviously I passed out on the bus back and then went to the local burger place for some chicken in Har Nof. Today was a great day, and now I’m gearing up for hump day (Wednesday) and the rest of the week. Shabbos at my cousin’s is sure to be a blast, and only 3 weeks until Chanukah/Thanksgiving! Thanksgivakah if you will 🙂 here are a few more pics from the day. XOXO, FRUM GIRL EXCITED FOR CHANUKAH




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