Happy Chanukah!

As nightfall approaches in Jerusalem, the whole city is bustling about getting ready for the first night of Chanukah. Menorahs are slowly popping up in windows and on mirpesets with oil all ready for the first night of lighting. Chanukah is my favorite time of year, and I have been fortunate to be in Israel the past three years. Although it is normally a bit colder, I am still looking forward to walking the streets of Mea She’arim and the Old City to see all the different and multitudes of lights. For the next 8 crazy nights we will light candles and sing special songs to remind us that not only did the miracle of Chanukah happen long ago, but we are experiencing H-shem’s miracles and gifts every day. Chanukah is a time that we thank Him for the miracles that He provides us with every day and we should continue to ask Him to perform miracles for us. We sing “Al Hanissim” which is a song about the miracles, salvation, mighty deeds, victories, and the battles that H-shem performed for our forefathers during this time long ago. Not only are we recognizing that H-shem made the miracles happen, but we make the miracles relevant in our lives today. I hope you all have a Chanukah full of happiness and pure emunah that G-d really does make miracles happen for us every day. Enjoy your donuts and latkes! I’ll be back with a weight-gain update later this week! Xoxo, Frum Girl


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