For those who don’t know the Chanukah lingo, a Sufgania is Hebrew for delicious jelly-filled donut. While I don’t personally relate to the jelly-filled, Israel is one of the best places to fulfill all your sufganiyot (plural donuts) needs during the Chanukah season. From the first day of the month of Kislev, my friends and I have been on the hunt to find the best donuts in Jerusalem. My top two favs are caramel-filled and sprinkle icing with custard-filled. I have almost no shame about the number of donuts I have eaten this month, but some things we just need to keep private ;). Here are a few of the best looking donuts I have seen. The hechsher is not so reliable so I won’t be eating them, but they sure do look tasty. ‘Tis the season to be chubby, y’all. Cheers to gaining the “Chanukah hundred”. Xoxo, frum girl


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