Adventures in Mea She’arim

Last night some of my roommates and I went walking around the religious neighborhood of Mea She’arim to look at all of the menorahs shortly after candle lighting time. This group outside of one of the buildings was my favorite. You get a real sense of family and community, and the miracle is definitely publicized in this spot.

As we were walking, we obviously had to walk past my favorite bakery, Brooklyn Bake Shop. It was closed for candle lighting, but there was this funny yet accurate poster in the window.

Grease is definitely the word this holiday. To honor this greasy holiday, I think I’ll treat myself to a little throwback night of donuts and Grease the movie. Or maybe just the donuts minus the movie. Still constantly singing, ’tis the season to be chubby. I think it’s a broken record in my head. I’m wondering when the “skinny” version of the song will be released. Hope y’all are having a great Chanukah! Xoxo, Frum Girl

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