Jerusalem Blizzard 2013: The Aftermath

Four days after the start of the “Great Jerusalem Blizzard”, us common-folk in Har Nof are experiencing the aftermath and effects. Some of us are beginning to experience what one may refer to as stir-crazy syndrome. I have left my apartment twice, for short periods of time, in the past 4 days. You could say that I am starting to go a little crazy. My roommates and I are proud to say we have almost perfected the maximization of the 6-8 hours of heat we have been allowed by our school over the past 4 days as well. In case you’re cold, we recommend 1-2 hours on then 1-2 hours off, and of course, we save at least 3 hours of heat for the night time. I have been in my bed sharply by 10:30 pm every night because that is when the heat goes off, and if I am in bed, the risk of my toes falling off is a lot less likely. BH, my Dad allowed me to get a space heater and pay for a few extra hours of heat at night. This little space heater, who I like to call Bernie, is my new best friend (sorry to any of you who thought we were close before). While he’s a bit of an eye sore, Bernie keeps me from feeling like I am in the Arctic.

While braving the elements, my roommate and I trekked out of our apartment Friday night for Shabbos dinner. The blizzard was in full force, trees were down across the streets and cars were snowed in in the middle of road. BH, we only had to venture 3 buildings down from ours, and we were very thankful that was the case. We were home and in all of our layers, topped off with my velvet Shabbos robe, by 8 pm, just in time for the beloved heat to turn on.

It is now Sunday afternoon, and we have been informed that the busses are still not running, and there is no sign of the city making any attempts to plow the streets in Har Nof. This experience makes me very appreciative of the city servicemen and sidewalk salt I have been blessed with all of my winters in Louisville and Bloomington. While this may seem like a post full of gripes, there are truly no complaints here. I am bundled up in my apartment, and I even plan to go outside in the next couple of hours. I even hear the Yesh and makolets are open! We are davening for the glorius mid-Eastern sun to melt all this snow so we can be back to normal ASAP. We were supposed to get new roommates today, but unless they plan to backpack into Har Nof, I think that will probably be postponed.


That’s all from here in snowy Park City, Utah, I mean Jerusalem, Israel?! Stay warm! Xoxo, Frum Girl

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