Frum girl takes Paris

Some of you may already know, but I am currently on my way to Paris, France! An incredible opportunity came up, and I am fortunate enough to be able to go with my friend and her family to the land of love for five days. Traveling to Europe was always something I wanted to do this year since it’s much cheaper to get to Europe from Israel than from America. This trip is not your normal Euro trip. I’m going to be staying with a couple in a Jewish area of the city, just a few minutes from my friend. Yes, by myself, with people I do not know. If this sounds a little strange/ random to you, it’s because it may be one of the craziest, out-of-my-comfort-zone things I’ve ever done. I’m not normally one to pick up and go to a country where I literally know five words of the native language (maybe). My first grade, after-school French club lingo has totally escaped my mind. I’ve been practicing my French since I booked the trip, and I’ve come to a decent “bonjour” but my “auvoir” could use a bit of work. Let’s just say it’s pretty obvious I’m from Kentucky. Foreign accents have never been my strong point. I’ve been told that the couple is VERY welcoming, and that must be true if they’re willing to host a stranger from Kentucky for five days, so I’m not too concerned.
I’ll be spending the whole time with my friend, who is a fluent French speaker (BH) so I probably won’t starve. That is, as long as I can figure out how to get on the shuttle at the airport by myself. H-shem runs the world, and b”H, some French lingo will come to me and I’ll be okay. That’s all for now. Next time I write, it could be from the Eifel Tower! Bon voyage Israel and bonjour Paris! Xoxo, Frum Girl

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