The Negev

Yesterday, we had a full-day trip to the Negev. While we didn’t go camel riding this time, we still managed to have a good time. The first stop was a huge crater that the group proceeded to hike up. If you’re thinking that I don’t seem like the hiking type, you’re correct. I gladly babysat my Rebbetzin’s granddaughter who came along for the tiyul at the bottom and waited for everyone to come back. Girls are complaining they’re sore today, so I’m glad I sat that one out. Next, we went to this sand dune-like area that has a lot of different colors of pretty sand. There was purple, red, white, orange, etc. Going back to my state-fair six-year-old self, I took a jar and proceeded to make a layered sand jar with sand from the Negev. I don’t really have the patience to scrape off all the sand, so mine ended up being more like “rocks” from the Negev. I’m sure my Dad will love whatever I made for him!
Then we went to a place called Ein Yar Ka’am, which is basically a watering hole where people of the desert used to go when they were traveling through. The water is clean enough to drink, and it was pretty cool.




Since the Negev is about 3 hours from Jerusalem, I had a lot of time to nap on the bus. We got home around 7 pm after being out since 7 am, so obviously the next step was to go to Burgerim and re-fuel. I finally punched my 10th punch in my frequent buyer card, and my next burger is free! Wahoo! Like I say all the time, it’s a true open miracle that I’m not immensely obese.
This Shabbos I am going with my Rebbetzin from Indiana who is in town to our Rebbetzin in Israel. I’m really looking forward! Have a great rest of your week! Xoxo, Frum Girl

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