Bid Day and Beautiful Weather

Today, Jerusalem was blessed with windows down, hair blowing, ray bans, hold the coat, mid-60’s weather. It was amazing. I don’t realize how much I appreciate nice weather until I’m given a breath of fresh air in the middle of the drudge of winter.

On another note, tonight is the 4th anniversary of my bid night into SDT at IU. While it’s pretty obvious that A LOT has changed since then, I’m proud to say I can still call my sisters some of my best friends. They’ve stuck with me through it all, and I wouldn’t change my college years for anything. I’m so grateful to have people like them in my life, even if our main form of communication right now is iMessage and Instagram, due to a 7-8 hour time difference. While I probably wouldn’t go back and do all of it again, I will always cherish the friendships that came out of my 3 years in SDT. Sorry, not sorry for the amount of sappiness in this post. If you were ever in a sorority you’ll know exactly what I mean 🙂 Here’s a picture of me and my two besties from freshman year when we got off the bus at SDT together on bid night.

20140121-221152.jpg BH, since my bid night, 4 years ago (wow I feel old), my group of friends has grown in size, and I’m especially missing all of them today.
Before I go, I have to say a quick MAZAL TOV to one of my bests from Israel and my recently departed roommate on her engagement!!! We’ve all been celebrating from afar, and we can’t wait to dance at your wedding, b”H!
Tomorrow I’m going on a MASA required tour of the Knesset. That’s the Israeli government. While some of you may be saying “ooh, ahh”, I can’t exactly say I share those same feelings of excitement. Politics are just not my cup of tea. I guess we’ll see how it goes. Goodnight from Israel, and welcome home baby Sigdelts!! ❤

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