World’s Largest Kugel

On most Thursday nights I like to frequent a catering hall, called Beis Yisrael, in one of the more religious neighborhoods in Jerusalem. You can get everything you need for Shabbos there, and it’s all already cooked. I mostly go for the chocolate and caramel-flavored popcorn they sell. It always seems to be a favorite when we bring it as gifts for our hosts. They happen to have pretty delicious kugels, and I normally buy a piece to eat erev Shabbos as my lunch. Last week while taking my weekly walk-around of the hall I stumbled upon two of the largest kugel masterpieces I had ever seen.

It reminds me of the movie Matilda when they make the big kid eat all that chocolate cake. Like come on, who could really dominate that big of a kugel on his own? I’m estimating that a Shabbos table of 30+ would be needed to make a dent. Don’t worry, you can buy the kugels in slices also, so you aren’t faced with the BIG KUGEL CONTEST every time you want a piece of kugel for Shabbos. Basically, Beis Yisrael is the cholent, challah, dessert, fish, meat central on a Thursday night and it’s all l’kavod Shabbos Kodesh! PSA: the seating area is very small, and most people take their food to go.
I’ll be spending Shabbos in the old city with family this week. I’m looking forward to a little R,R,&R. Rest, relaxation, and ruchnius. Have a great Shabbos everyone! I’m back next week with some more regular blogging.

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