Slides and Summer

BH, I’ve been pretty busy lately, which leaves me almost no time to even think about posting. Some updates: the weather has been BEAUTIFUL. I’m talking, Seaside, FL over Spring Break, beautiful. I’m out without a coat today, and I’m even a little bit hot. Sorry, I don’t mean to rub it in for all of those who are in the second round of polar vortex in the states.
This past Shabbos my school had a Shabbaton in Ramat Beit Shemesh. It’s a very “American” area, so it always feels like a little vaca when I go. I got to meet some new people and also visit with a family that I know from Indianapolis, which is always nice. Now picture this: 2 girls in our Shabbos clothes climbing about 5 stories up on a playground, through tunnels and tubes, to get to the top of a straight down slide at 11 pm at night. Yeah, that happened. We didn’t want to go during the day when everyone would see us, so we figured after dinner was our best shot. It was SO much fun. I wish I could’ve taken pictures. It wasn’t like your typical slow-moving, American playground slide. We flew down that thing!! My friend came down so fast that she fell on the
ground at the bottom.
In other news, my Dad and Step-mom are coming to visit this week! My Dad is running the Tel-Aviv Marathon, and we are making a two-week adventure out of it. I’ll def be back in the next few days about the things we’re doing. While we’ve never left our dog, Jersey, at home for this long by himself, I know he’ll be in good hands. It would be the perfect trip if Jersey could have come along! This is my Dad’s first visit to Israel, and I hope he will soon understand why I love it here so much. While my school is not so happy about the amount of time I am missing, I’m not so worried because Tatty Wolff is coming to town, and I couldn’t be more excited. Happy Monday to you all! We’re already two days in to our week on this side of the world. Here’s hoping for more beautiful weather! Xoxo, Frum Girl

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