Good morning Tel Aviv

Boker tov from the Hilton hotel in Tel Aviv! I’m here for two days with my Dad and Stepmom before my Dad runs the TA Marathon tomorrow morning. I have to say, I really feel like I’m on vacation here. The hotel is beautiful. It’s really modern and feels very resort-like. The view from our 9th floor, executive upgrade hotel room is breathtaking, and the weather is spectacular. I will say that while I really am enjoying myself inside the hotel, the second I started walking around town, I decided that I wasn’t so fond of Tel Aviv. The people are not very tznius here (that’s me being generous), and it really feels like I’m not in Israel anymore. My Dad even commented to me that he hasn’t “warmed up” to it here yet. He said he wants to be someplace where he feels “religious”, and he doesn’t feel like TA is doing it for him. I told him that he just needs to wait until we’re in Jerusalem…the real Holy Land. I guess you can say that Tel Aviv is not really my cup of tea. (Hope I’m not offending anyone here lol)
On the upside, we were able to find a Rav Machpud certified restaurant called Lechem Basar that was really delicious. It was right on the Port of Tel Aviv, and the atmosphere was really great. The best part about it was my wine connoisseur father finally found a kosher wine that he really liked!! I never thought I would see the day! I forgot to mention my fav part of it all…I’m here with my Dad! It’s so great to be reunited; we’re just missing Jersey and all of my extended fam! I guess I have to wait another month until Pesach to see all of them. So I plan to stay mostly inside the hotel, on the beach and off of the streets for the next day and a half until I make my way back to Jerusalem for Shabbos. Here are some pictures of the views from our room and around town. Xoxo, Frum Girl





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