21 + 1 (+ another 1)

As much as pains me to say it, yes, I am officially celebrating year 23 of life. While I feel like I’m getting super old, and the invite to my 5 yr high school reunion didn’t help, I’ve been trying all day to look on the positive side. I don’t think I can come up with 23 reasons why turning 23 is good, but I did come up w a top 10. So here it goes (no order of importance):
1) I am officially “mid-twenties” (Gd help me!) and that means that people will hopefully treat me a little bit older and give me a little more respect in the real world.
2) I still get to be on my Dad’s insurance for a whole 3 more years! Hopefully it won’t come to that, but I’ve still got the safety net.
3) I’ve got my whole life ahead of me! Assuming I live until 120, I’ve got a whole 97 years of life left, and I think there’s a lot in store for me.
4) 23 is definitely not 21 so I didn’t wake up feeling like I got hit by a bus this morning!
5) I’m old enough to enter the “real world”. Hoping this year will bring a new place of residence (stay tuned) and hopefully a job too (among other important things…).
6)-10) So I’m running out of ideas, but I do know that even though I’m feeling very unemployed, single, and old today, I know that Gd has something good in store for me this year, wherever my journey may take me. I think for now I’ll just keep praying and job hunting, and I know that clarity will come from it soon enough. I’m going to spend the rest of my day (after my pedi, obvs) with my fam and dog, and I know that it will be a nice low-key bday that will set me up for a great year to come. Hope y’all are having a nice spring day! It’s beautiful in the 502. I’m really working on my face/forearm tan today 🙂 xoxo, Frum (bday) Girl

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