BluePrint Cleanse: Recap

Well, after 2 days of juicing, I finished the BluePrint Cleanse. I have to say that I didn’t think my cravings for junk food would be gone, but today was my first day off the juice, and I ate vegetables all day. The best part? I WAS SATISFIED. Maybe this is just the new no running-to-the-makolet-in-the-middle-of-classes me talking, but I’d say that’s a pretty drastic change from the past few months in Israel. In short, there were 6 juices to drink per day, and 2/3 of the juices were pretty drinkable. I have to admit, I skipped out on the last 3 of the green juices. One was enough for a lifetime. IT WAS HEINOUS! My favorite was definitely the last juice of the day. Let’s call it “dessert”. It was cashew milk-based with vanilla and cinnamon, among a few other things. Overall, I’m glad I did this cleanse. Even if it is just mental, I feel like I have been kickstarted into eating healthier and being healthier.


As you can see, I posted #1 after the gruesome chugging of the dreaded green juice. I left out #3 because it was green again, and I just didn’t drink it. #4 was spicy lemonade which was pretty good, but I guess I got a little caught up in the excitement and forgot to snap a pic. One of the best parts about this cleanse was that BluePrint sent you a complimentary, very cute lunch box.


If you want to know more about the BluePrint Cleanse, which is obviously certified Kosher (bc I drank it), just visit their website: No, they did not pay me to do this write-up ;).

In other news, I am still Lifting, Toning, and BURNING at Pure Barre. I really like it a lot! All in all, these past couple of weeks of “downtime” have been really good for my physical and mental health. I really needed a break from the craziness of coming home from Israel and job-hunting, which is an on-going process btw. Hope y’all are having a great Derby week. This weekend marks the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby, and leave it to me to be in Bloomington, IN instead of at home. Oh well! Here are the horses that are currently scheduled to be running.


I’m going for Candy Boy (obvs) or Hopper-tunity. I always go by the names/silks. Enjoy your mint juleps this weekend 🙂 xoxo, Frum Girl

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