Weekly Whereabouts

This week has been pretty crazy. It all started last Wednesday when I booked a last-minute ticket to Newark in order to be face-to-face in some of my interviews for the jobs I had applied for. Bright and early (I mean 4 am early) I woke up and boarded a plane to NJ. The week started off nice and relaxed, just hanging out with my cousins that live in the area and thankfully always have an open-door policy with me. Between the two visits in the past month, they’re probably a little sick of me, but hopefully, with these job opportunities, they will be seeing a lot more of me :). My cousins, whom I’ve seen grow up since day 1, are very into sports. So the day I got to NJ I immediately picked up and went to a soccer game where we got completely drenched by a torrential downpour, followed by a baseball game later on.


This is me and one of my fav girls in the world, after I decided it was a good idea to climb up a rock wall (in my skirt, mind you) at a playground during her brother’s baseball game.

As the week and the interviews went on, I got the opportunity to go on an interview right in the middle of Midtown, NYC. I felt like a true New Yorker (New Jerseyan?). I got up bright and early and trekked with all of rush hour down to the Port Imperial Ferry in Weehawken, NJ and took the ferry straight across the Hudson River to midtown.


From there, I got on a cross-town shuttle which took me all the way to Lexington Ave. I got off, grabbed my usual Starbucks (tall, iced, skinny, Vanilla Latte), and walked two easy blocks to the office. It was pretty exciting to be in the middle of all the commuting and hustle and bustle of the busy city. Coming from KY, I’ve always wanted to be closer to my family and get a chance to experience city-life for myself. I see a new blog title in the future…”Frum Girl and the City”. I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. Obviously, I have to daven that I get a job first before I can make the big move. I also had a chance to visit with one of my madrichot from Jewel. We’ve kept in touch over the years, and it was SO nice seeing her in her element (Washington Heights). Which included sushi and Dunkin Donuts!


One of the besdt parts of my day was getting to try out DryBar in Murray Hill. I’ve been following their Instagram account for a while now, and I LOVE getting my hair done. It was a special treat to myself for all the interviews I had this past week. And boy, was it worth it! The service was amazing! You get complimentary champagne or white wine upon entrance, and from start to finish, you are waited on hand and foot. It was so relaxing, and just what a busy girl needs. I told the woman doing my hair that once I got a full-time job I would be back, haha. It was fun, but a little pricey to do all the time unless you’re making the big bucks.


The week culminated with a family (minus my Dad, Nancy, and Jersey) family BBQ at my cousin’s house for Mother’s Day. I love having almost everyone in one place. And we had Baked by Melissa for dessert, so what could be better?! All in all, this week was pretty crazy, but I feel like it was very productive at the same time. This transitional period is a hectic one that I’m sure many of you can relate to. I’m so thankful that I have the support of my family, friends, and mentors. While I ask that no one currently ask me where I’m living, because the answer I’ve been giving recently is “I’m a little homeless”, iy”H I will have a better answer to that question soon enough. I know everything is going to come together soon.

I’m currently waiting at the gate at Chicago O’hare waiting for my flight to Indy to board. I now get to go be the head counselor in “Camp Cook” for the next few weeks. I’m really looking forward to playing with my kiddies and spending some quality time with my Rebbetzin! I will def post about all of our adventures around B-town and surrounding areas. Thanks for your continued followship (?). xoxo, Frum Girl (and the city)

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