Jetsetter’s life

I don’t know about any of my readers, but it feels like I’ve been non-stop traveling all over the country/world for quite some time now. This weekend was no different. I headed to meet my Dad at my aunt’s house in Connecticut. I hadn’t been to her house in quite a few years so I was excited to get back to a place where I spent a lot of my childhood. So for a little bit less than 24 hours we took care of business and spent time at some of the old hang outs. Thanks to an extra plate at a kosher funeral, I was even able to have a kosher meal Thursday night for dinner. No sooner than we arrived Dad and I headed to NJ for Shabbos. I’ve spent two Shabbosim in Passaic now, and I have to say I really like the community. So welcoming and friendly, especially to BT’s. It seems like many of the families there are BT’s themselves, so that always helps.
About 24 hrs after getting to Passaic, I was off again. We had a 7:45 am flight this morning from Newark so Dad and I spent the night at a hotel near the airport. Good move, Dad. We got up bright and early, and he let me have his upgrade to first class on one of the flights! He is a real mensch!! Now I’m waiting for wheels-up back to Indy where I’ll be reunited with my new car, Charlotte (name credz: Lindz), and we’ll cruise control back to the 502 for a couple of days before Shavuos.
I feel like a real jet setter these days. If only I didn’t need 25,000 miles on Delta for my membership to matter at all. I still have a ways before that happens. My goal: get upgraded on a flight to Israel. That’s what will make all these flights in economy comfort (I know my life is so hard) worth it. Well, cabin door is closing on this Frum Jetsetter. Hope you all are having a great weekend! Xoxo, Frum Girl



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