Lauren Spierer: 3 years, but not forgotten

Today, June 3rd, marks the 3-year anniversary of the tragic day when Lauren Spierer, a then 20 year old Indiana University student, went missing. As some of you may know, I attended IU, and I was in, what would have been, Lauren’s graduating class. This story really hits home for me in a number of ways. I may not have known Lauren personally, but she was part of the Jewish community on campus, and I have many friends that knew her on a more personal level. I’m not going to get into all the horrible politics of this on-going search for Lauren; however, I want to take a moment today to remember how thankful we need to be for all of the small moments we have with our loved ones. 


This evening, we will begin the holiday of Shavuos. Shavuos is the holiday where we commemorate the receiving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai. It is not a small event that happened to the Jewish people thousands of years ago that we simply remember on this day. Each year, it is as if we are re-receiving the Torah from H-shem, and we have to be prepared for this important time. There are 49 days, called the Omer, that lead up to Shavuos and the receiving of the Torah. During this time, we are meant to work on ourselves extra hard so that we are the best we can be when we receive the Torah. This is a time when we can really focus on the important things in our lives. We have to be thankful, today and every day, for the life that G-d gives us. We must also remember the lives of people like Lauren Spierer and her family whose lives are completely altered forever. While I am, by no means, a prophetess, we must continue to daven that this will be the year that the Spierers get their long-awaited answers about their daughter. As you sit with your families at your Yom Tov seudah, look around and be thankful because we never know when someone may be taken from us without warning, Chas V’shalom. 

It is often that I think about Lauren and her family, and although we have gone three years without answers, there is still hope. H-shem is the Creator of the universe, and He has a Master plan. I am confident that one day soon, iy”H, the Spierer family will get the long-awaited comfort they deserve. I hope you all have a Chag sameach. May we ALL merit to receive the Torah next year in Jerusalem with the speedy coming of Moshiach!


The pictures and information in this post were taken from the internet and my own research and opinions. This post is in no way associated with the Spierer family or the on-going investigation of the Lauren Spierer case. 

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