Daily Commute

Tomorrow will mark a momentous day in the life of this Frum Girl: baby’s first day of school…I mean work. You, along with my Dad, might be thinking, “Thank the good Lord! I never thought she’d get a real job!” Well, it’s true! I’m starting the next leg of my life’s many adventures in Manhattan. I’m super excited to be an Alumni Associate at the OU. If any of you out there are NCSY alumni, Israel Free Spirit alumni or any other OU program alumni be on the look out for the things my department will be doing this year! I’m really looking forward to getting started!
Anyway, I’m boarding with an awesome family in Passaic, and that means I have to commute into the city every day. I did a few practice runs last week before the official first day. It’s a pretty easy commute, but “easy” is a relative term. It’s def not like getting in the car and driving 7 minutes to KCD or hopping on the B-bus to campus at IU. Here’s my daily commute in pictures. Maybe I’ll see you on the way!
First stop: train to Hoboken. Then I transfer to the famous Path. I will admit I originally thought it was a walking path. I have to hold on to some of my Southern innocence up here in the North.

The Path is insane. It reminded me of the movie, Divergent, when all the people are robots and do the same thing. It was like an army of New Jerseyians migrating to work in the city.

Next, I pass the new World Trade Center. It’s pretty cool to get to go by this landmark every day.



Next comes the best part of my commute: Kosher Coffee Bean, Starbucks (my love) and the dangerous Century 21. I better try to stay away from there! Then I walk another few minutes, and I’m right at the office! It’s crazy that this Kentucky girl is living life in the Big Apple. Wish me luck on my first day of work. It’s not a full day because Tisha B’Av is Tuesday. Oh the perks of working for a Jewish organization just keep coming! Love it already! Stay tuned for more Frum Girl in the City adventures. I hope you all have a meaningful fast that will bring the speedy arrival of Moshiach!! Xoxo, Frum Working Girl

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