Ouuuut tonight

One of the things I was most excited about moving to NJ and working in the city, was that I am now able to go out with my friends from home, school, etc that live in NYC.
Tuesday night, some of the SDT/Hoosier gals and I celebrated being together again with a delicious deli meal. 4/5 of us also happened to be roommates in our Senior year at Indiana! It was J’s bday dinner as well, and what better excuse for some corned beef on rye and cake!!?
4/5 of us are from the South, so even more crazy than being together again was that in the past year, we all ended up here. I love being able to go out for kosher food so easily and that nobody has to go so far out of their way to get it with me. On top of that, NY has great kosher restaurants, but y’all already know I love my kosher food!
I even got to have a special lunch visitor at work this week! My friend, E, from sem, is in town for the weekend, and she came all the way downtown to see me! We had lunch in Battery Park and got some Starbucks (obvs).
I’m looking forward to meeting up with more sem friends, and friends I’ve known since 1st grade, in the next couple of weeks.
Have a great Shabbos everyone. I hope you get to spend it with good friends and family! While I don’t have my family for Shabbos this week, I’m definitely surrounded by good friends!





Xoxo, Frum Girl in the City (Charlotte ;))

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