Take me out to the (hot) ball game

After being raised a Mets fan by my diehard, Met-fan father, I finally made my way to my first Mets game yesterday. I was bummed that my Dad didn’t get to join me, but I went with great company. And through texting almost the entire game, it felt like we were almost together! Citi Field is great for a few reasons. First, it’s just a really nice stadium. Second, and probably most importantly, they have a food stand called Kosher Grill, that’s actually, star-k approved, kosher. I was able to have real baseball game food, at a baseball game, for the first time in a long time!
While the Mets have a tendency to mess everything up, they managed to hold it together yesterday and get the big W. I hear they were playing for last place, so I’m pretty glad that they were able to get last place instead of no place at all.
The past few days have been dreadfully hot in NY/NJ. I’m talking, like you feel wet the second you step outside, hot. I’m hoping with this last weekend of summer, the humidity will go away with the beach weekends as well. I’m going on my first “business trip” this week to CT for a staff conference. I’m really looking forward. Here are my pics from the baseball game. Happy Labor Day y’all, and Go Cards tonight in their ACC opener against Miami! Xoxo, Frum Girl





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