As I walk by

As you all know, yesterday was the 13th anniversary of 9/11. I don’t believe I’ve actually ever been in NYC for 9/11 before, although I do remember exactly where I was in 6th (?) grade when the twin towers fell. I work in the heart of the Financial District. In fact, I take the Path to the WTC stop every morning. So since I started my job, I’ve been walking by the old/new site every day, but yesterday was something different.
There were more tourists than usual, many decked out in their patriotic attire. This lady was so cute, I couldn’t
help but take a picture.

There was a feeling of unity, 13 years later, that screamed “you can’t bring us down.” The American pride in my heart was beaming, and no one ever lost sight of the real reason for the achdus (togetherness) yesterday.


On this erev Shabbat, we are just a week and a bit away from Rosh Hashanah. As Rav David Markowitz of Aish NY spoke about in a shiur I attended the other night, this is the time when we need to strengthen our “relationship with Hashem.” Now what does that mean, relationship? Well, the Rav explains that in order for there to be a relationship there must first be some sort of commitment verbally, just as there is in every relationship. (E.g. “Do you want to be my girlfriend? Circle yes or no.” “Will you marry me?” “I do.”) It can be hard to tell how the other person wants to go about making this commitment, but Hashem explicitly tells us, in the Torah, that He wants us to daven in order to “open the lines of the relationship” with Him. We are so blessed that we are told, outright, and we don’t have to guess what our Number 1 Relationship wants from us. As I walked past the WTC yesterday I was reminded that no matter the situation, time, place, ANYTHING, He is waiting for us to begin, continue, strengthen our relationship. Although, unfortunately, it takes turmoil like 9/11 for many people to seek out their Creator, it is this time of year that we are reminded that there is no penalty for teshuva. The time is never too late to return and seek comfort in our King. May we all be blessed with clarity on our journeys, especially on our journey to believe. Shabbat Shalom everyone!
Xoxo, Frum Girl getting ready for Judgement


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