Life lesson from the coffee room #2

LABEL YOUR FOOD. I can’t stress it enough! If there’s no name, it’s free game. It especially makes the Coffee Mate French Vanilla creamer seem really tempting when nobody puts a name on it, but I KNOW it belongs to someone. As nice as our office is, I don’t think they’re buying us Coffee Mate. Cholov Yisroel milk, yes (#workingforafrumcompanyperks). But no flavor for our light roast Keurig Coffee.
As for what to write on the label. Well, sometimes even though everyone that works at my office is obviously very holy and tzadikim all the time because we’re religious, sometimes people accidentally see the name Jessica and think that it says their own name, Sally. I’ve heard of people writing nice notes like “please don’t drink” along with their name. Some people write vicious notes: “TOUCH AND DIE!!!!!”, along with their name. Living in a sorority, I always found neither is effective. If only I had known that if you write the “date” on the food but post-date it so it appears expired, will the wild beasts steer clear of your precious coffee creamer.
I can’t say I’ve actually tried this, but I’m certainly thinking it might be a possibility. Idk, I normally try to take the high road, but we can lie to protect ourselves, right!?
If all else fails, I’ve found that simply putting your food in a cute lunchbox is a sure way to keep it your own. People can’t seem to cross those very definite boundaries of going into someone else’s Dora the Explorer lunch box…BH!
Enjoy your day, and stay safe in the wild jungle that is the coffee room…xoxo, Frum Girl

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