One more Shabbos

As I’m preparing for this last Shabbos of the year, I have been contemplating what I can do to make this Shabbos “really count”. What can I implement in my life that will stick now and forever hold it’s piece?
As many of you single gals may relate, I have a hard time getting up on Shabbos morning to go to shul. I run through the list of excuses at 8:45 am when my Shabbos alarm goes off:
I mean, it’s not my mitzvah to daven with a minyan.
I’ll have better kavanah at home.
Just 15 more minutes…
And then two hours later, I wake up, daven at home, and head to my lunch meal. But last week I managed to get up and head to shul in time for Torah reading. I have to say that my entire Shabbos was effected by davening at shul. If you go to the “right” minyan, you may hear beautiful singing and really feel one with your oneg Shabbat.
Rav Yisroel Salanter, the founded of the Mussar (ways to improve your character) movement, says that it’s preferable to take on something that is easy for you to do (and stick to it) rather than take on an impossible mitzvah that you’ll probably stop doing in three days…or three hours. So this leaves me with a question: what do I take on this year? It can’t be possible that I’m already doing allthe “easy” mitzvos. My shul experience last week has led me to a compromise of sorts. While I can’t make a neder (vow) to be in shul every single Shabbos morning, I can vow to do my best. And for me, this is 1) attending shul at least once a month on Shabbos morning and 2) when I’m not in shul, I will take more time to daven with sincere kavanah (or at least the attempt).
I’d love to hear what all of you are working on as this New Year is about to begin. Obviously this is just one aspect of the many that I try and work on each day, but there’s no better place to start than on Shabbos itself.
I wish you all a wonderful last Shabbos of the year. And whatever you’re working on, may it be easy for you to take on and become closer to our Creator. Xoxo, Frum Girl

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