Feast of Champions

If you’re like me, you think of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkos as one big marathon. My dad’s a runner, so I happen to know that you need to pace yourself if you want to finish strong. Now while it’s true, there is a lot of meaningful davening in this 3 week span of time, the marathon I am referring to, now, is the “Feast of Champions”. Basically all we do for three weeks is daven and eat. And we’re eating GOOD FOOD. In order to honor the holidays, people often make special recipes and certain dishes that they only make at this time of year. And as a guest in many of these homes, I am so down. Over Rosh Hashanah alone, I was blessed to eat duck, brisket, Chinese food, and so much more. And that’s just the meat! Don’t forget about the fancy side dishes and delectable desserts (s’mores brownie and chocolate trifle shoutout!) And while I feel as though you could pop my stomach open with a pin from being so full, I still have all the meals of Sukkos to look forward to. BH, there are two fasts and a few extra days in between Rosh Hashanah and Sukkos or else I don’t think I could handle all the food.

In between the holidays, I find it a prime time to be in the gym so I don’t feel that I’ve let myself go completely in a 3 week period of time. Thank G-d, I’ve found a gym that has a great environment, and I really like going. Just when I’m going to feel like I’m back in my workout routine, Sukkos will come, and I will eat all the calories I just lost again! Oh well, I guess that’s just the cycle of this Jewish time of year. I feel so lucky that I have such a wonderful community to celebrate with. While it is a serious time of year, by the time Sukkos rolls around we cannot forget that it is a Yom Tov (holiday) given to us by G-d, and we are meant to get the most we can out of the days, including eating the most food we can. Am I right?!

In other news, the infamous dresser finally got put together by A and me yesterday afternoon. It only took us 3 hours to complete. Thank goodness for her kind husband who watched the kids while we took on this daunting task. I have to say, A did most of the work, and I was a “handy” sidekick of sorts. Without her, it would still be in the box. BH, I am SO happy with the way it turned out, and my room really feels like a cozy little home now!

I also want to give a shoutout to Hadassi at Frum Girl Musings, who has recently started her own blog. In the blogging community we’re all family, and I’m sure her perspective on things is sure to be really interesting!

So you may be wondering, exactly how many lbs did I gain over Rosh Hashanah? Well, that’s one secret I’ll never tell 😉 xoxo, Frum Girl

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