Sunday, Fall Funday and Girls’ Night

At the end of the fast of Yom Kippur I felt pretty good, BH. I’d say it was one of my easiest fasts ever. Partly due to a very nice davening at a shul in town, mostly due to the fasting pills I took the day before. Either way, with the end of Yom Kippur, in my mind, means the start of one of my favorite seasons: Fall! When I was little my family used to go to an orchard and farm, Huber’s, in Indiana, and I loved it. While I’ve been pumpkin picking since, it had been a while, so when B asked me if I wanted to tag along to their family day at the farm, I was hyped to say the least.
While the lines for the hay ride were insane, we managed to have a little Fall Photoshoot, and I’d call the afternoon quite a success!




I mean, and how cute is my friend’s little muffin? She even has her own hashtag on Instagram! We rode the tractor so I could give her a little taste of the South. Her mom says she likes being a Yankee better, and while I may get slack for this, I don’t know why anyone could want to be from anywhere other than the South/Louisville. I love living up here, but Louisville will always be my home.
Monday night brought more fun! One of the ladies in Passaic decided to host a Girls’ night at her home, and what’s more fun than decorating cupcakes and eating pizza!? It was such a great way to meet new gals in the community, and the fun-level was through the roof! Who knew that cupcake decorating could be so therapeutic and fulfilling?




When I said cupcake decorating, I didn’t mean the little tubes from Kroger, I meant the hardcore kind, icing bags, food coloring and all. I had the best time, and they turned out super cute. I felt like I was on DC cupcakes and Cupcake Wars all at the same time! And I know you’re all thinking the same thing so, no, I did not eat all of them! I brought them home for the family I live with. Don’t worry, there were plenty of other yummy treats at the event, including a cotton candy machine. How legit is that? Here’s the final product:



Cheers to new friends and a girls’ night out/in! You know where you can find me at the next one. (Hint: near the cotton candy machine) Xoxo, Frum Girl

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