If I Were A Rich (Wo)Man

While I’ve been M.I.A. for the past week or so, I’ve been very busy exploring different Jewish areas in the NY area. Yes, I finally caved and went to Brooklyn for the day. I had a great time on the Boardwalk and exploring the large Pomegranate grocery store and Flatbush. To top off the day, I scored a brand new, velour, weekday robe. I know, I know. Robes are a very “controversial” topic among frum Jews. Some say no, others say yes. Well, I say yes! I wouldn’t wrap my head in a turban and wear it to the grocery store, but they are super comfy, and a great “hang around” item of clothing.

As always, I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping. With work during the week and all of Bergen County stores closed on Sundays, I find that the way I get my shopping done is online. While many of you may think I’m behind the times for just discovering this now, I think the rest of you will thank me! There is a website called Ebates. Basically, you get paid to shop and there is NO CATCH! All you do is sign up (for free), click on your regular stores via the website, shop away, and receive a “Big Fat Check” in the mail every so often! It’s amazing. One of the best parts about Ebates is that they really don’t send you spam emails. I’ve had problems with that in the past, and I’ve been very pleased with Ebates’ level of professionalism. I mean, if you’re going to spend money shopping, you might as well make a little back. You can check it out via the button on my sidebar or by clicking this link: http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=OIOlBNjcp64f5krhZMUNkw%3D%3D&eeid=26471. Believe me, you’ll thank me later for this.

ebates account
Look how much I’ve gotten back in just the past few months! I’ve been a member since 2011, but I just got into using Ebates more recently.



Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to turn anyone into a shopping addict. I just feel that it’s my duty to “love every man as yourself”, and I would want to know about a free treasure chest waiting to be found! It’s become clear to me that we are all here for a reason, and if one of my reasons is to help frum girls like myself be able to do their avodah to H-shem better because they are fulfilled on a more gashmiustik level, then so be it. Gd made material items a part of this world for a reason, and while it is a very high and honorable aspiration to be living solely on a spiritual level, we each have our challenges, and the physical world is a very real part of this game called Life. It’s a challenge every day to connect in a more spiritual way to our Creator, but if we are using the physical world in order to help us get to that higher level we strive for, then we are using the physical aspects of this world in the way they are meant to be used.
Tonight I’m off to a girls’ night where we’ll schmooze, eat parve desserts, play board games and connect based on our mutual love for Judaism and H-shem. I personally can’t wait! Now you know where you can find me! I’ll be the one stuffing extra cake into my purse… Xoxo, Frum Girl

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