Frum Girl Answers

You asked, and I’m answering! I don’t know how I ever came to be someone that other frum girls turn to for clothing/shopping advice, but I’m happily on my way to my aspiration of “trendy frum”. First of all, I mainly shop at the same places that I used to shop before I was frum, except I now go into (or browse online) stores with a different eye for style. The main questions I ask myself: 1) Does this need a shell underneath? 2) Is this too tight? 3) Is this long enough? 4) Will I feel cute and stylish after I have tznius-fied this outfit? — After the questions are asked, I can go piece-by-piece and see what works with my body type, and I try to see how many outfits I can think of in my head for one item of clothing. Chances are, if I can only wear the item one way, I won’t get it. I’m on the verge of being a shopaholic, but a girl’s got to draw the line somewhere.

My top 5 stores:

1) Loft

2) J. Crew / Factory

3) Century 21

4) Nordstrom/Rack

5) Gap

You’ll notice that Forever 21 wasn’t in my “top 5” (boy, do I feel like I’m in 5th grade again!) I personally get overwhelmed trying to shop there. While I am proud to say that Louisville has the 2nd largest to 5th Ave, NY Forever 21 in the United States, the only way to get anything accomplished in there, in my opinion, is to be the first shopper in on a Monday morning. And XXI online shopping? Forget it! Let’s just say that sometimes while walking through I can get lucky, but most of the time I am distracted by the rhinestone-studded tank tops that say “gangsta” and “homeless” on them.

Thank you for plastering “day-off” across your chest…we all really wanted to know!

I mentioned in my previous post that I tend to shop online quite a bit these days. I’m fairly good at guesstimating my size, and after a while, I pretty much know my size at each individual store. Sure, I’ve had some annoyances where the medium didn’t fit, and then the large didn’t fit either, and I spend a good two hours trying to return things, but for the most part, I only shop online at stores where I can easily return the item in person. This is key for me! Some people find it easier to put it back in a box, but for me, by the time the label is printed and shlepped to U.P.S, I might as well go to the store, return the item, and possibly even come out with something that works better for me. However, since becoming a more “professional” (obsessive) online shopper, I usually hit my size right on the head, and no returns are necessary. The truth is, is that with most of these stores, if one shirt fits you, most of the other shirts will fit similarly. Of course, there are the occasional “whose arm could fit in this sleeve anyway” tops, but one Loft cardigan is the same as all Loft cardigans. I live in these cardies, and I buy a medium because they have a tendency to stretch. For reference, I could probably get away with a small, but I don’t like sweaters to be tight on “certain areas”. #everygirlproblems. BH, although my landlords probably do not agree, I really try to limit what I am buying. Limits are different for everyone, and like I always say, we all have something we need to work on… I should also mention that I rarely buy things full price or pay for shipping. Ebates has coupon codes for each store, and the stores that I shop at normally have free shipping and lots of sales!

I hope this post has answered your questions! I’m always looking for shopping advice and shopping buddies. But really I should look for a buddy to go to shopaholics anonymous with me… At the end of the day, I always hold on to the fact that clothes are just a physical reality of this world. And no matter how much we love them and think they are so important, our outfits should only be a tznius and beautiful reflection of our neshamas on the inside! We are all daughters of a King, and we should present ourselves as such. Happy shopping y’all, and Shabbat Shalom from the 5 towns! xoxo, Frum Girl

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