Juleps for everyone!

While on my new discovery kick, I stumbled upon a great new chemical-free, high end, beauty products site called Julep. They’re one of those sites where you can sign up to receive monthly gifts in the mail of sample products. I chose the 3-month option to give it a try, and you get the FIRST MONTH FREE with the code: FREEBOX at checkout. I can’t speak for the quality of the products just yet, but Carly at The College Prepster used the nail drying serum, and I think her taste speaks for itself. They were also featured on the Today show, which I thought was pretty telling as well. I’m actually looking forward to this “monthly gift”, which should be here soon ;). Julep has a great mission statement, and they really strive to connect and empower women through their products.  Check it out for yourself here: https://www.julep.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/1438772/

I am trying this hand and cuticle stick that was featured on the Today show. I’ll post my review after it arrives!

As a frum girl living in today’s society, I have found that the way I dress and the way I take care of myself affects how I am able to be a Kiddush H-shem. Although it may seem like a very gashmiustik (materialistic) thing to say, I have looked inward and realized that sometimes I need certain material items in order to be a better Jew. While I will continue to strive to be like the Rebbetzin Kanievskys of the world, today, I will simply use what I have access to in order to become better. Iy”H, one day, the world won’t be materialistic anymore, and this won’t even be a discussion. For now, I will do what I can, with the tools I have. I hope my tips and daily living style can help others who may be struggling between the frum and “modern” world as well. xoxo, Frum Girl


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