Will You Marry Me?

Alright, ladies and ladies, here is the post you’ve all been waiting for. In case you haven’t heard, with a tremendous amount of hakaras hatov (gratitude) to the Almighty, I am so excited to say that I’m engaged! To a wonderful, caring, mentch, I could go on for days, guy. It was a typical, frum, long-distance shidduch, and I’m excited to say that I’ll be leaving the NYC life for a smaller, but still pretty legit city, Chicago. West Rogers Park to be exact.

We got engaged on Dec. 25, which was so appropro because Xmas used to be my favorite day of the year, after my birthday, of course. I’ve been so blessed with love and support from friends, family, and new friends and family as well. While I’m so looking forward to our wedding, this time in my life is filled with a lot of changes including a big move, and hopefully, a new job. But I look at each day and each task I need to complete as another gift from H-shem. These so-called “road blocks” are going to make being married that much sweeter.

So please pardon my 8 week hiatus, because I’ve been quite busy racking up sky miles between NJ and Chicago. While things might be a bit crazy until the wedding in March, iy”H, I will do my best to post when there are big milestones. While I may be going from Frum Girl to Frum Married Lady, I still hope to continue to post about where my life is taking me, it just might be a bit different and more domestic (we’re hoping) than before. I hope you will all stick with me as I turn over this new and wonderful leaf in my life. My entire life so far has been leading up to this part of my life, and I can only look with excitement and gratitude to what comes next.

Stay tuned for moving antidotes, wedding planning stories, and engagement excitements. As a kallah (bride), I’ve been told that my tefilos have a more direct path to H-shem than normally, so I give everyone a bracha that if not already, you should be zoche to find your basheret (soul mate) easily, speedily, at the right time, and you should be blessed with as much simcha as I am so grateful to be experiencing in my life right now (which is a lot!). xoxo, Frum Getting Married Girl

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