Wedding Whereabouts

I have never been able to see the Hand of H-shem so much since I started dating my Chosson. It is just so clear to me that G-d was guiding us the entire time, and that us coming together was just part of His Master Plan. In hindsight, there are many times when we can look back and say, “Oh, this had to happen so this could happen” and so forth, but there are still some life events where we may be left wondering, “What was the purpose?” or “Why did this have to happen?”. It is in those times of darkness when I find I can be most thankful for the times of revealed reason and clarity from H-shem.

Throughout the past couple of months and even into the engagement, I can really see how certain things had to happen for the next event to happen and for us to ultimately come together. I was always told that engagement isn’t easy. And the “sages” were correct! Wedding planning, long distance (in my case), and the stress of upcoming life changes can all take a toll on a person. But I have found that it is this time when I can work on my emunah most. As I’m planning a wedding via a wedding planner in Chicago, finding an apartment, all while trying to maintain a parnassa (job), I have been able to take a step back and realize that there is just no way any of this could happen without the Help of H-shem. My new favorite words: “You are in control.” I daven for clarity in knowing this every day, and so far, BH, it has been working.

On top of the wedding planning, I’ve been quite the jet setter lately. I just got back from visiting California for the first time for my friend from seminary’s wedding. I put my toes in the Pacific Ocean at the beautiful Santa Cruz Boardwalk and finally got to walk around without a coat for the first time in a looong time. I highly recommend getting out of the cold weather during the winter. The senior citizen, winter, migration to Florida makes much more sense now. It is totally rejuvenating and renewing. It was exactly what I needed to get me through the next cold week until I get to go to Miami next weekend for the half-marathon!

I got my feet in the water, toes in the sand. Life is good today.
The picture perfect boardwalk in Santa Cruz!
Helloooo sunshine!

Believe me, if it sounds like I’m doing a lot of traveling, it’s because I am! I’m now a master at airport security, finding kosher food in airports, and locating the nearest Starbucks at every destination. I’m really racking up the sky miles too! This is truly a time of craziness, but I wouldn’t ask for it any other way. We should all have the opportunity to jet set across the world to celebrate in each other’s simchas! And now I’m off to my old Kentucky home for a few days with the fam and Jersey before heading to Chicago for Shabbos! Adios New Jersey, helloooo Southern comfort! xoxo, Frum Girl

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