Rosh Chodesh Shopping

It is said that Rosh Chodesh, the first day of the new month, is a special day that women have a strong connection to. It is common for us to not do our normal daily work on Rosh Chodesh, such as laundry and other regular household duties. It is also customary to dress up in nicer clothing and treat ourselves to something special in honor of the day. This month of Iyar is my birthday month, so I decided to treat myself a little bit extra. I got a massage on Sunday at Mario Tricoci, a luxurious salon/spa in Chicago, and I went brunching/shopping at Old Orchard Mall with my best friend.

Every few months, it’s time to re-stock my makeup, and I figured that Rosh Chodesh was a perfect time to do so. Since November, I’ve been in love with my Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet liquid foundation. I was always skeptical about using liquid foundation, but thanks to a great makeup artist and a little push from my friend, I have never looked back. Thank Gd, I’ve never had any major skin problems, but all modesty aside, my face looks velvety-flawless when I wear this foundation. I always feel so fresh, like I just jumped out of the shower, even if I just woke up at 6:30 am. For color reference, I’m a 22 Beige Rose, but Chanel is always so helpful when it comes to color-matching. I always use the foundation with the Chanel Base Lumiere Illuminating Makeup Base as well. It goes on super thin and light, but really helps round out the “flawless effect”.

When I say how super easy my makeup routine is, I mean it. I never took the time to do my makeup. Growing up as an only child, I didn’t have an older sister to teach me how to properly do my makeup. I learned how to put on eyeliner at the ripe age of 15 at summer camp, and over time, I’ve slowly worked different daily routines into my makeup habit. Over the past few months, I’ve completely switched over to everything Chanel, except for a few MAC eyeshadow pallets, and I couldn’t be happier. My routine is super easy and takes about 5 minutes from start to finish. Primer, foundation, a bit of bronzer, top eyeliner, mascara, and on Shabbos some eye shadow. Badabing! I’m ready to go and out the door. The most important part might be the application brush. This brush is heaven. It blends like the clouds in the sky. Just a few drops of the foundation goes a long way, and I can’t say enough good things about this brush.

I’ve always been into different face creams as well. I just bought the Kiehl’s Since 1851 Ultra Facial Cream. It is super light, smells fresh, and I’ve been very pleased so far. Nordstrom is price-matching right now, so you get 10% off the list price.While on my shopping spree (much to my hubby’s dismay), I decided it was never too early to start thinking about shopping for Mother’s Day. While my own mother passed away when I was nine years old, my step mom, Nan(cy), has been a huge influence in my life — she’s probably crying while reading this :). This year, I have relaxation in mind when deciding on her present. One of the top contenders is this traveling lotion set from Crabtree and Evelyn.


While I don’t usually shop there, they always seem to have such cute lotion sets, and I think it might be the winner.
NORDSTROM - Shop your perfect foundation makeup

Extra 30% OFF at Nordstrom on select items from your favorite brands, through 4/27 only! FREE Shipping. FREE Returns.

The best part about all of these products is that you can earn cash back while shopping online. I’ve always been a huge fan of Ebates, and Nordstrom is currently offering 6% cash back on all orders when you shop through Ebates. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not! You can sign up through this link, and continue to do your regular online shopping. The only difference is that you go to your shopping sites through the Ebates site first. You can even get a button added to your toolbar to remind you when you’re eligible for Ebates on a particular website. It’s really awesome. I’ve made over $200 in the past year using Ebates. And did I mention that you get a $10 bonus just for signing up?

I love sharing things that work for me, in the hopes that they will be helpful to you as well. And as always, all opinions are my own, so maybe take that with a grain of salt as well! So, there you have it. My 5-minute beauty routine in a nutshell. If you have any products you love, I’d love to hear about them! Now I need to go back to being “frugal” for a while. Until next Rosh Chodesh, I guess ;). xoxo, Frum Girl

Thank you to Nordstrom for being an affiliate of this post. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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