Nordstrom 30% off selected items sale — for my birthday!

Nordstrom is offering 30% off selected items until April 27 — which just so happens to be my birthday! I feel like it’s min haShamayim so I wanted to let you all in on this little bday gift to me from my bestie, Nordstrom.

When I went on my Rosh Chodesh shopping spree this past weekend, I ended up spending most of my day in Nordstrom. To say the least, it was glorious. I’m a huge fan. I love their free shipping and free returns, but possibly the best part is that they price match. If you bring them a lower price from a different vendor, they will match the price! That’s customer service right there. And after spending the better part of 3 years in Israel, I’m all about the customer service that Americans have to offer.

I’m always looking for a cute, casual flat for summer. My feet get pretty hot in stockings in the hot summer months, so I like to make sure that my shoes are 1) COMFY – I won’t wear anything if it’s not comfortable. Unlike most ladies of today, that’s my number one rule. And 2) Breathable. Because who wants stinky feet in the summer? Not this gal. I knew Nordstrom would be able to offer me what I needed. And BH, I found a great pair for this season. This Free People Freeway Espadrille is the perfect shoe for me. I got them in black because it goes with everything, but the espadrilles came in a few different cute colors. Nordstrom had lots of cute flats and sandals for the summer, and many of them were reasonable prices. Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 8.46.30 PMI’m all about the quality, so if I have to pay a bit more for the shoe to last, I usually go for it. And I can honestly say that more than half of my gigantic shoe collection comes from Nordstrom. They are so good about quality, returns, and really getting a good deal for your money.

NORDSTROM - Shop Women's Sneakers for Spring

I think it’s so important to feel good in what you wear. Dressing tzanua (modestly) doesn’t mean giving up your fashion identity. It takes some longer than others to establish their fashion-selves in the realm of modesty, but once you get the hang of what to look for, you’re all set. I find that I can do really well at Nordstrom. I felt like I was seeing long skirts and high necklines every where I looked the other day. After you know what to look for, it’s about figuring out what styles you like the best.

The whole basis of tzanua is to let your inner-light outshine your physicality. We are all souls that were given bodies in this physical world. Our soul is the most important part of our being, and many people have that backwards in today’s society. With a heavy focus on the body and physicality in the media, as Jews, we strive to make sure that our souls shine through. By dressing modestly we are not supposed to wear sacks with no shape or cloths over our heads. We are meant to dress in a dignified manner, like we are daughters of the King. I mean THE KING — H-shem. We are royalty as His children, and the way we dress reflects that. Your clothing should be a reflection of your neshama (soul) that G-d gave you. So while we do cover up certain parts of our bodies, we dress in a way that makes us proud to say and be who we are because we are doing what H-shem wants. And all fashion aside, that is the most important part.

Now you can Save 30% on select items from top brands in Women’s, Men’s & Kids’ at Nordstrom, through 4/27 only! FREE Shipping. FREE Returns. As always. So whether you want to do a little spring cleaning in your wardrobe, add a pop of color, or buy me a birthday present, you can save until this coming Monday. Of course there are always free shipping and returns, but the extra 30% on select items is only until Monday, 4/27. I’m looking forward to keeping you all posted about the newest deals and frum fashions that Nordstrom has to offer. If you have anything you’d like to see posted about, feel free to comment or send me an email through the contact page. I hope you all like some of the new topics that The Frum Diaries has been covering this week. I’m really excited for this new leg of the journey. I can’t wait for you all to join me.

 Frum Girl photo

Thank you to Nordstrom for being an affiliate of this post. All opinions, as always, are my own. 

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