Breaking My Silence…

After many attacks on the Jewish people in Jerusalem in recent days, I cannot hold my silence any longer. I try to remain fairly “politically correct” as I have many friends and family with differing opinions, and I will admit that I am not as politically “in-tuned” as I should be; however, even the most out-of-the-loop person should be able to see that there should be no way anyone can see differing views as to what is happening in Jerusalem right now. Unfortunately, it is SO APPARENT that the U.S. and the rest of the world have such staggering and diluted views to the situation at hand, it is astounding.

An article written by the Jerusalem Post shows how absurd the world view truly is. And here are my thoughts:

“Pending a full investigation, the US has not yet determined whether to characterize the attacks as acts of terrorism.” – State Department Official.

First, it took the White House long enough (many days) before they said anything and even recognized that acts of violence are happening in Jerusalem. Second, the chutzpah for them to not realize that these are ALL ACTS OF TERRORISM is absurd. There is clearly only one party here that needs to “restore calm, and refrain from actions and rhetoric that would further escalate tensions”, and obviously the US and the world are too blind to see who the crystal clear victims are here. This is a sad, sad world we are living in, and it is so scary that it can only mean that Moshiach must be coming soon. This is galus (exile) like we’ve never seen before (except we have seen it far too many times before). WAKE UP WORLD! Okay, rant over, but my feelings of anger and fear toward the reactions of the U.S. and world leaders are most definitely not over. Jerusalem and the Jewish people should know no more attacks, and peace should be restored.

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