Not your normal Black Friday post

Well, here we are at my husband’s favorite day of the year. I’m dead serious. The man LOVES Black Friday. He has been participating in the antics since he was little with his father. Go figure, he hasn’t gone out at 3 am since we’ve been married…sorryyyyy, my bad. But we do end up doing a lot of online shopping. And you may ask, “What makes BF different from any other day because you shop online EVERYDAY!?” Well, we do our best to look at our lists of “needs” (aka obviously baby clothes because we don’t have tubs and tubs of them already 😉 and then actual baby items — car seat, diaper pail, rocker, etc) and try to hunt down some deals.

I normally do a post listing some of my favorite deals, but this BF I’m all about Ebates Coupons and Cash Back. A lot of my regular stores have AWESOME cash back deals, and you get cash back for simply getting to your normal sites via Ebates aka DOING NOTHING. It’s really a no brainer. I made $97 in cash back last quarter (I know — sounds like I have a problem), but it makes it sound better when you can say you’re getting 10% cash back on your order.

If you’re not already signed up for Ebates, all you do is sign up via the links in this post, then go to your favorite shopping websites through the Ebates website. You can also download a button for your Chrome browser, and it will remind you to literally click a button while you’re shopping to earn your cash back. That’s what I do, and it clearly works pretty well. I know there are a ton of other cash back sites, but I am a die hard Ebates girl. I find it the easiest and most universal site to use.

Some sites with awesome cash back today: Gap (50% off EVERYTHING with code:TGIF50) and Old Navy (50% off almost everything) both have 8% back. Kohl’s, J.Crew (40% off a sky-rocketing price tag — so basically almost normal price), Carter’s (60% off and free shipping) and Macy’s all have a whopping 10% back. And ToysRUs has 6% back for all you parents staking out to get Hatchimals for your kids, LOLOL. Toooootally kidding about these Hatchimal things. I don’t see the obsession, but I’ve seen people selling them for $150 on the “black market” because they are so “rare” and in demand this holiday season.

So from my family to your’s, we wish you a happy day of shopping and cooking (again) for Shabbos. I hope wherever you are reading, that you are somewhere safe and warm. We are all praying for those affected by the horrible fires in Israel. Fire is a powerful element. When used correctly, it is used for heat and light. It ultimately brings brightness into the darkness and is used for good. But in situations like the current one in Israel, when something good is used for evil, it can be detrimental and very scary. I hope this Shabbos brings shalom (peace), safety and nechama (comfort) to all of those who are affected by these vicious acts.

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