No Spender December – Progress Report #1

Well folks, I’m proud to say that No Spender December started early this year. I had made a large purchase of numerous items (mostly unnecessary) for my daughter at Baby Gap last week during a sale (not even Black Friday, lol). I must document the special occasion: on November 29th at approximately 12:30 PM, I went to the mall, walked directly to Baby Gap, even more directly to the counter (with blinders), returned $35 worth of items and WALKED STRAIGHT OUT and back to my car. This was the first of, hopefully, many triumphs in my efforts to alter my spending habits, and it felt really good. Huzzah!

I truly think H-shem is trying to help me out here because since I defeated the Baby Gap, I have had small, random nudges of confidence that make me really believe I can cut back on the spending! I needed to make a few returns to Amazon as well. The first just gave me a refund and told me that I didn’t need to send the item back, and the second worked with me so that I didn’t have to pay return shipping fees on the item. BH, things are looking up! Bring on December!

Where have you saved and succeeded this week? xo, Frum FRUGAL mama 🙂

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