The Hatchimal Craze — Gotta hatch ’em all?

You may or may not have been following the new craze for this year’s holiday season. It’s called a Hatchimal. The basic concept, to the best of my understanding, is that a Hatchimal is somewhere between a Furby and a Tomagochi.screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-5-57-52-pm

A blog I follow, Scary Mommy, has a great article on the Hatchimal craze. If bought at retail price, you pay a whopping $59.99, wait a few days for it to arrive, and watch your egg hatch into a beautiful baby Hatchimal that you can take care of. Since these toys are all any child wants for Chanukah or Xmas this year, you can expect to see them sold out at your local Target or ToysRUs and on Amazon or Craigslist for anywhere from $90-$170. I happen to think that this craze is ridiculous. First, who would spend $60 on something like this, let alone $170! I’ve found myself interested in this phenomenon, and when I had the chance, yesterday around 3 PM, to buy one of the few remaining Hatchimals (Penguala, Pink/Yellow) on Amazon for retail price, you better believe I snagged it up (I know, it’s No Spender December, which is going surprisingly well, I might add, but I’m getting to a point). I finally felt like one of those crazy moms who won the World’s Best Mom award because I snagged one of the only-remaining Hatchimals for my daughter. Except that my daughter is 11.5 months old. And she couldn’t care less about a Hatchimal. All she cares about are her new walking with the walker skillz and the Baby Einstein Music toy that is on repeat in my living room.

So what am I going to do with my Hatchimal, you may ask? Well, I am going to sell it to a lucky mom on the North Shore so she can make her kinderlach very happy this holiday season. For my efforts of stressing over the computer, initial money put out of $60 + expedited shipping, AND I’m delivering it straight to her door, I plan to receive $100 for my Penguala Pink/Yellow Hatchimal. Some may say it’s greedy, and I should have just left it online for the next mommy to snatch it up, but with all of my research, it is a fair price. And, hey, I’m just a mama trying to make a little extra moola for my family this holiday season. Look out for my next post on my experience with ThredUp, where I hope to make a few extra bucks on the clothes and shoes that no longer fit me, thanks to my beautiful child(ren). Happy Hatching and a Chag Chanukah Sameach (Happy Chanukah)!

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