Welcome to the Rodeo

Wow! After almost a two month hiatus (again) I actually thought I had at least posted introducing the newest member of our rodeo, baby Azi, but apparently my mommy-brain is so out of whack right now that I actually never even posted!

On January 17, after an incredibly short labor, we welcomed baby Azriel Shalom (Azi) into our crazy lives.

Every second since then has been a whirlwind that I can barely remember. It’s probably a good thing I can’t remember everything because I’ve definitely considered sending him back or to baby boot camp. Our little guy loves to keep us up at all hours of the day and night. It’s been pretty draining to have a 13 month old and a newborn, but, thank G-d, big sister Miri has handled the change in stride. Azi couldn’t have gotten luckier to have such a sweet and caring older sister. I’m pretty sure she thinks his name is “nice” because we always tell her to “make nice” to the baby. So whenever we bring the baby anywhere near her she puts out her hand to pet his head and says “niii”. She is a girl of few words still, so I’m not entirely sure what goes on in her head, but her constant smile leads me to believe she is loving this new toy to play with.

Despite my complete, physical and mental exhaustion, I could not feel more blessed. After struggling with the fact that I had to leave my sweet Miri for two days while I had the baby and that she would no longer be my one and only, my heart has miraculously expanded to hold both of my babies close. In fact, now I can’t even imagine our lives without baby Azi. Through the screaming and long nights, he just somehow fits right into place. It is nothing short of a miracle that G-d helps a parent and a family expand their love so easily — as if the new little one has always been there.
So for now we are doing things on a minute-by-minute basis, with no big plans for the future, other than keeping us all fed and healthy, with G-d’s help. Our new normal is nothing short of a mini rodeo, and we’re all just hanging on to this crazy ride of life.

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