Life Lately

I really do think about posting more often, but when I get two seconds to breathe, I usually go to the bathroom or pour a Diet Coke instead of sitting down at my computer to put actual, sense-making thoughts together.

We’ve been so busy around here. The Goldwater Gang is growing up really fast — the babies will be 18 months and 6 months in July. I can’t quite believe it; my Miri is not even really a baby anymore. She’s pretty much a full-functioning adult. She says full words, usually tells me what she wants, and she can basically babysit her little brother. It’s a REALLY fun age. Life with her gets more hysterical by the day. My favorite word she currently says — “Oy vey!”. Yup, that’s my yiddishe mama right there. I also love when she kisses her stuffed Torah, her “Totah”. I’m schepping nachas on the daily over here.

Azi has really started to turn into a bit of a heartbreaker. His chubby everything and big smiles could even melt Scrooge’s heart. He’s so sweet and so mushy. He loves his big sister. If he’s crying, he automatically stops once Miri starts talking to him to “make him feel better” — I’m telling you, free babysitting right here!

You may have heard, but I was able to take a 36 hr trip away from both babies and husband this past week. I went to Lakewood, NJ for my dear friend’s wedding. It was SO hard to leave the kids. I had pages and pages of detailed lists and numbers and schedules written out for the three people who would wrangle the rodeo while I was away. I was away for two bedtimes and one full night. Go figure, that I woke up constantly the night I was away. I am SO glad that I was able to go because, once I was able to relax about leaving the kids, I had the best time. I was able to re-charge (even though it made me more tired than I was before!) and see friends from every seminary I’ve been to and every place I’ve ever lived. Some of the people I saw I hadn’t seen in 6 years! It was really a wonderful simcha with a radiant kallah, and I am so blessed to have been able to be a part of it. I couldn’t have done it without our #1 Tatty, #1 Martha and #1 Papa who held down the fort while I was gone. Everyone survived, and Miri only got into the dog food once! I won’t say who was watching her when that happened…;).

Here are a few pictures from our Lives Lately:

I’m super excited about my new storage system in our living room. We don’t have a playroom so it was important for me to have a kid friendly area that fit in with our decor.

After the past whirlwind of a month, I’m looking forward to enjoying some lazy, Summer evenings at the park, staying up a bit past bedtime and watching the babies learn new things, grow and become cuter every day. Wishing you all a fabulous start to summer!

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