About Frum Mama

My Rodeo

I’m Alyssa Goldwater, the face behind The Frum Diaries. After growing up as a Conservative Jew in Kentucky, I went to Indiana University where I began to question how I was living my life. After soul searching, a life-changing Israel trip and a lot of support from family and mentors, I decided to live my life as an Orthodox Jew. After jet-setting from IU–> studying in Israel –> my first job in NY,  I was blessed to meet and marry my basheret (soul mate) in March 2015. We had our first baby (Miri) in January 2016, and we just had our second little guy (Azi) in January 2017. My life has quickly turned into, what I compare to, a wild rodeo. I am now living a wonderful, but very real, and tiring life as a wife and mommy of two under 1.5 in Chicago. This thing we call life is a wild ride, and I’m just doing my best to hang on tight and treasure every bit of it.

The Frum Diaries thrives as a lifestyle blog following a day in the life of an Orthodox, Jewish, modern, married woman and mommy. It strives to break down barriers and stereotypes while focusing on the beauty of a tznius (modest), religious and, very real, lifestyle. I write to inspire my readers to follow their hearts and live out their dreams, while providing a face of extreme reality, and sometimes hilarity, to all mommies and wives.

The Frum Diaries

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