No Spender December

No Spender December (I know, good rhyming, right?!). Well, it’s about to be a thing in my life. I’ve been told once or twice (or 100 times) that I’m a little OCD about things. These are two results I got from taking those Facebook quizzes, lol.
Anyway, it makes it extremely difficult for me to not completely prepare EVERYTHING for the new baby. From diapers (which I currently have sizes ranging from Newborn-6 thanks to Amazon Prime Day) to the nursery furniture, I find it really difficult to sit and wait around until baby decides to make an appearance in this world to do any sort of preparations. In the Jewish tradition, we don’t have baby showers or do much before the baby actually arrives. I, however, sought out advice from our Rabbi, and as long as I don’t go changing any wallpaper, etc before the baby comes, in order to curb my anxiety I am allowed to purchase a few things.
So we are keeping the gender of baby G #2 a secret from the world, but with my personality, I had to find out. So you all won’t know exactly how much I’m actually buying for baby, but, either way, we are having two separate rooms since big sister Miri is still really a baby herself. So if nothing else, I get to completely decorate a new nursery. I am also a firm believer that every new baby deserves his/her own white onesies to spit up and poop on. It’s so crazy to me to believe that just a year ago we were preparing for little Miri’s arrival. I hadn’t even met her yet, and now I can’t imagine a day without her!
So back to the main focus of this post — No Spender December. Based on my previous history of spending and preparing and buying Miri clothing like she is constantly naked, I have decided that I am going to take a break for the month of December. Aside from necessities (e.g. diapers, wipes, baby food, groceries, etc), I am going to do everything in my power to NOT buy things on Amazon, Gap or make unnecessary trips to Target. And when I do go to Target (for baby food, etc), I will put blinders on, go to the aisle I need and report directly to checkout. No passing go, no collecting $200. That will probably be the hardest thing.
I need to take this time to reflect inwards and really figure out why I feel like I need to buy buy buy all the time. These are not middos (characteristics) I want to pass along to my children, and I think it actually may reflect a lack of emunah (faith in G-d). He is in control, and if I take a break from spending, buying and preparing unnecessarily, it will help me remember that He has a bigger plan for me, and everything will turn out okay in the end. So here’s to forgetting about the gashmius (physicality and materialistic) and returning to the ruchnius (spiritual) side of things for a while. Who’s with me? I may need some serious support this month. RIP, Amazon Prime, RIP.